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Update regarding material and the timeline
Hello, all! Though this is technically the place for RC #2771a and all its materials, there are some things to note.

First, not all the missions are going to be archived here right now. The gracious Neshomeh has kindly hosted the original Suicide-Diocletian-Ithalond missions on her PPC: The Lost Tales site, and those missions can be found at . After their last recorded mission, Suicide and Diocletian vanished under mysterious circumstances (read: ran like hell from a fic they couldn't handle) and hid out in Azeroth for several years, hoping never to return to the PPC. They were eventually discovered by a couple of agents dealing with a Warcraft badfic (in the mission "The Dark Side," found at ), and dragged back into active duty as of "Ring Child" (

I hope to reformat and post the original missions somewhere more permanent in future, but for now, Neshomeh's site is the best place for them. The missions posted here will carry on after "Ring Child," and I recommend you read the previous missions before proceeding. Here's the timeline as it currently stands:

Hosted on Lost Tales:
Ranariel, Elf Ranger of the North (Lord of the Rings)
Of Sar-Plasm, Sue Pies, and Other Affairs of the Organs (Narnia)
'Twas Many and Many a Year Ago, in a Nondescript Random Town by the Sea (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Ow, Ow, and Ow Again (Harry Potter)
Just One Letter (Harry Potter)
Subjugation (Harry Potter, currently a true Lost Mission)

Returned for co-missions:
The Dark Side (Wow/Fullmetal Alchemist--cameo only)
Ring Child (Harry Potter/LotR)

New missions posted here:
Tough to Take (G.I. Joe)

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Um... hi. I've been a fan of your work for quite a while, though I've always been a lurker.

I'm also a packrat, so I saved copies of everything on the first RC #2771A when I heard Geocities was going to go down. I have the files for both posted chapters of the Subjugation mission. My laptop is a Mac, so they're Safari files, but Internet Explorer can read them and I can copy-paste to Microsoft Word.

My email address is; contact me and I'll send you the files.

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